Last night I dreamt I was in an upscale restaurant. I was waiting for a friend who hadn’t showed up yet. While waiting, I went to the bathroom with a wine glass in my hand. Once inside the stall, I lost all motor control and my feet began to bend like fish tails. My sandals were distorted like exaggerated long notes and my feet melted into the stall beside me. I began spilling my wine and urinating outside the toilet bowl. I wondered how long this–whatever it was–would last and if I would have to cancel seeing my friend. I couldn’t get myself under control.

Just then, Farley appeared. I was so happy to see him as it had been exactly one year to the day that he had followed me home. He began licking my face and jumping up and down on his hind feet, like a kangaroo. It was chaotic.

Somehow, the stall barrier lowered like a car window and the woman in the other stall told me she thought her friend looked good in that hat. I turned my head to the other side, and the stall barrier had lowered there as well. A man waved to me – he was wearing a hat. Then a young woman appeared in my stall next to Farley. She looked like a 20 year old David Bowie, very white with platinum blonde hair and sharp features. She was wearing a pink camisole. She asked me what I was drinking and I told her I didn’t know. She pulled an empty wine bottle from the floor and I told her it wasn’t mine, and what was she doing in my stall? She said I had invited her. Suspicious, I asked her what my middle name was. When she told me, I told her she had no way of knowing. I must have made her up.

I realized suddenly that the stall and all the contents therein were in the bed of a truck and we were moving. She kept insisting we were friends. I wanted her gone so I pushed her out of the moving truck and as soon as she hit the ground, she turned to dust. Farley jumped out after her and turned to dust as well. I awoke with a start and heard within “None of it is real. It is all your imagination.”

The rest of the night, I kept dreaming I was other people, dreaming other lives that they had no idea were all in their heads.