When people come to Vajrapani, the road rises up to meet them. Many have waited a long time to be here. They’ve saved up for a retreat, they’ve gifted themselves with solitude in one of the meditation cabins, or they’ve simply been called to be on the Land. And then they come and every moment begins connecting to others. Synchronicity occurs. Insights download. They go within and begin remembering who they are.

Sometimes, when they leave, they stop by my desk and share with me. A long time ago, I wanted to be involved in work like this: where I’m a part of someone’s unfolding, or more accurately, their blossoming. I thought this would out-picture in the field of psychology after years of training. But I see now that life has been a good teacher, and at this time I’ve learned how to listen and to hold space. And so I do. I feel unbelievably grateful to hear of the magic that happens when folks take the responsibility to work on themselves in deep ways. Miracles happen in these Redwoods. They happen everyday.