Yesterday, Marly and I went to Topanga Canyon to scout for engagement photos settings. We found elements we loved around every twist and turn, of which there were many.

There was so much texture: from the leaves, bushes, trees and rocks to Marly’s hair. And the colors were gorgeous.



Pockets of fog created soft lighting effects which turn out to be great for people pics.

The bends in the path, some filled with patches of sunlight, created nostalgic and moody scenes.

I practiced some more with different aperture settings. Marly, not expecting to have a photo shoot that morning, posed patiently for me and was sweet to help me out as I practice.


I’ve signed up for a half day photo class in December which will help me get to know my camera better… just in time for the engagement photos.

What I especially loved about this place, were the spectacular backgrounds: sky, sea, city, and the wild greens and rusts of Southern California. So many options on a single hike. Wide open vistas for those long shots and then gorgeous lighting and background textures for portraits. Topanga Canyon has it all.

And the final element?

Lots of fun!